Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Things I know, Things I don't know - a poem, I guess

I know why the caged bird sings
Well, no I don’t
Maya Angelou knows that
I mean I guess she does
It says so right on the cover
I don’t know, I haven’t read it
But I know that it’s a book

I know the sound my daughter makes
When I tickle her tummy
Which is different from the sound
When she laughs at a joke about butts
She laughs at butts a lot
I don’t know why butts are so funny
But I know they are, even to me

I know the world could be better
I don’t really know how
I mean I guess I do
Maybe the “could” is the problem
I know the world should be better
But maybe it can’t be
I wouldn’t know

I know the wonderful feeling
Of taking off my bra
At the end of a long day
I wish I didn’t wear one at all
In college some people
Commented on my nips showing
And I know that's why I do

I know things now
Many valuable things
That I hadn’t known before
Like lyrics to Sondheim songs
Or knowing how to Google them
In case I switched a word around
Which I know wouldn't be as funny

I know that I don’t remember smells
Like how they do in books
When they say it smelled like
Grandma’s house or something
Maybe I just have a bad smell memory
Which I will now call smemory
So I know what I don’t know

I know I am often jealous
Of other people’s lives
Even though I am pretty content
Well, not really super content
Since I don’t have a lot of
Money or friends or free time
I know things could be better, or should be

I know I am more well travelled
Than some people
But less well travelled than others
And I know my passport is expired
Because I can’t afford to travel
And I feel so cut off
I know I am missing a lot

I know there are things I am bad at
Like cooking and cleaning
And managing my time
Which are bad things to be bad at
I’m also bad at other things too
Like clapping a rhythm or braiding hair
That I know are slightly less important

I know I have a lot of ideas
But I don’t really remember how
To format them into an actual poem
Like is this a poem?
I don’t even know
Maybe it is
And I don’t even know it

I don’t really know how to stop
Stop talking, stop writing, just stop
I know I tend to ramble
And I tend to interrupt people
Which is rude
But I really struggle a lot
With knowing when to stop

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