Monday, March 15, 2010

Yeah... Yeah.. you know what this post is about already

My Journey Watching Doctor Who continued/ concluded...

So guess what, gang! I've finished season 4 of Doctor Who. Now I just have 2 weeks to watch the specials and I'll be all caught up for the new (and probably not as good) 11th Doctor. I really really enjoyed season 4, mostly because I liked the character of Donna quite a bit. At first, in the Christmas episode from last season, I found her rather shrill, but she has grown on me. Of all the companions, I found that Donna was the one who had the strongest personality. While she was not always sure of herself, the fact that she wasn't madly in love with the Doctor made her able to question him a lot more than Martha or even Rose. I really liked that about her. It also helped considerably that Catherine Tate is older than David Tennant by a few years. Donna is no chippy clinging on the Doctor's arm. She is a grown woman who consciously makes the decision to find and travel with the Doctor (after rejecting him in the Christmas episode), not a girl with stars in her eyes mooning over a bloke with gorgeous hair. She teases the Doctor, she banters with him. Donna is a fast talker who likes to talk a lot, which is in considerable contrast to Martha who seemed to just wait around for the Doctor to explain things. Sometimes you wish she would just shut up, but at least she serves a clearly defined purpose.

This season was pretty strong in terms of writing, though I still think that the writing was strongest during the third season even though Martha was the weaker character. The finale though! Wow! They really threw the kitchen sink at that thing, didn't they? I mean they managed to bring back (spoilers) every freaking character that has ever been on the show! Dang! Really, really brilliant. I am sort of upset with myself that I have rushed through this thing, though. While I did want to finish all the episodes before the new season starts, I definitely missed out on that feeling of anticipation that comes from long delays between seasons. I have never watched a show this compulsively since I discovered Red Dwarf and Farscape back in college and downloaded all the seasons. British people are just more interesting in space. I mean, British people are more interesting than Americans. Anyway, I will totally watch the new season/series whatever they call it in the UK, but I don't think it will ever be the same. I've read on the internet that the first Doctor you watch is always "your" Doctor. I guess David Tennant will always be mine. I definitely can never forget this mad month that I spent with him, watching early in the morning before I left for work and on the off days during the week when there were no other shows on. It has been a seriously crazy ride. Probably won't blog about the 3 specials so this will wrap up my Doctor Who coverage until the new season next month.

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