Sunday, March 07, 2010


My Journey Watching All 4 Seasons of Doctor Who Part Two

So this past week, I've watched even MORE episodes of Doctor Who and finished the third season. I also went back and watched all the eps from Season 1 with Captain Jack in them so that I could start watching Torchwood too and discovered that John Barrowman is crazy good looking (like I'm the first person to figure that one out). I'm finding that the 3rd season is a bit darker than the 2nd, and certainly deals with more complex themes. In particular the Human Nature/ Family of Blood two part episode set in 1913 was really brilliant in its depictions of prewar England, the horrors of war, and the power of ordinary individuals. Doctor is still the Doctor, but I am finding that without Rose he lacks that sort of emotional core to the show that was so essential to the second season. Martha really does seem like she's tagging along and I do genuinely wonder what good she actually is. Rose was a bit of chav, but at least she seemed to stabilize the Doctor's personality and since she had been with him a while, had a much better idea of what was going on. It took Martha till basically the last episodes to really come into her own as a character, though I still felt that she was relatively weak.

I find myself daydreaming about this show a lot now that I've seen like 30 hours of it in a 3 week span. It really is the perfect sort of show for daydreaming, I think. Also for writing fan fiction, which I will never ever do I promise. Now that I've finished the 3rd season I think I'll take at least a few day break until I start the 4th. Need to pace myself and all. For my sanity anyway

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