Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tales from the Gloop returns!

Yes, I am truly a fancy fancy lady. With my own blog and everything. Look at me. For a while now people have said that I am funny. Not in a “ha ha” way and not in a “funny looking” way, more like the “we find you mildly amusing enough to type you a perfunctory ‘lol’ when you comment on something" sort of way. And so I decided from that strong bit of encouragement to start up my old blog again in earnest so that I might share my mildly amusing comments with an ever dwindling number of people who tolerate me. As I have also succumbed to the twitter (sigh...) I figured I might as well get that on there also. Oh and look, there's a thingy with all the books I'm reading. You really care about this don't you. Anyway... so here's the new blog, same as the old blog, but more differenter. Look for reviews of stuff that I like, as well as humorous anecdotes. Stuff you won't find: day to day life sort of bitching. This won't be one of those kinds of blogs. Or at least I hope not.

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