Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sherlock Holmes- a movie review
Grade: W for whacked out crazy awesome

If you are looking for serious cinema, then you probably don't want to go see Sherlock Holmes this weekend. If, on the other hand, you enjoy a fun adventure story with whacked out steampunk gadgets and a touch of guy love (#iswearwearentgay) then boy do I have a movie for you. Sherlock Holmes is an entertaining flick along the lines of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie... except better...and no boats.

*Spoiler alert: Actually there is one boat but they aren't exactly on it.

The main reason why this film succeeds is the chemistry between Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. While I think they could have played up Watson's role a bit more, and I did miss his narration (like in the books), overall I thought the two of them were just great. Anybody expecting a film in anyway resembling the original stories or novels will be somewhat disappointed, though. Some fans of both the books and the movie have mentioned that Arthur Conan Doyle did describe Holmes as an athletic man who was skilled in fighting as well as deduction, but let's be honest: they just took the essentials from the characters, added a little bit of name dropping (Mycroft!), and basically just went balls-out crazy with it. Ya know what? It was awesome. Just just deal with it purists. You probably didn't like the new Star Trek either.

As a side note, got to see the trailer for Iron Man 2 on the big screen and man, oh man, does that look sweet. I am somevut dis-toorbed by Mickey Rourke’s abominable Russian accent, but I’ll forgive it if they throw in a few extra splooooshy explosions.

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