Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday Poetry - A Rock

A Rock
Today I threw a rock
It was a small one, a pebble really
Not much
I threw it at a window, not expecting anything
A gesture
When the window broke, the sound was not so loud
But not so small either
Like when a server drops a plate
And everyone claps
Why do they clap?
What assholes
The rock didn’t hit where I wanted it to
My aim isn’t very good
I was surprised it hit anything
It struck the letter “P’ and that was all
A little hole appeared where the “P” would be
The “P” was gone
And the window was left with TRUM
TRUM is the sound of a rusty horn
Or an elephant maybe
It is a loud sound, obnoxious
It fit
I was surprised
Both that the window broke
And that I broke it
I didn’t know I broke windows
But I guess I do
Because there it is
Maybe I should have been sorry
Or I should have been scared
But all I could think was
What else can I break?

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